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Anne Rice, A.N. Roquelaure
Twisted  - Emma Chase

I liked the format of this book. It can easily be made into a movie, no editing necessary. The writing was in a conversational tone. The character "interacted" with the reader.

Andrew (Drew) is a man who has it all: rich family, company job, money, looks, and all the women he wants. Into Drews "fishing pool" walks Katherine. She is new. He strikes up a conversation and she blocks him. The next day he finds that she is the new hire at his family firm.

Drew now has a dilemma. He wants in her pants but doesn't want her fawning over him afterward in the office. So dollars trump sex, so she is now on his no-lay list. But the two of them are forced together when the company president, Drew's father, has them compete for a potential client. Daggers are thrown, bullets are flying. In the end, they tag team the client who turns out to be a douche. The client propositions Katherine, to which Drew defends her and the firm, losing the client, but getting Katherine's appreciation.

This leads us to the forbidden hookup, then break up, then the "Say Anything" moments, that eventually lead to a happy ending.

I may have to read the sequel.