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Sometimes It Works Out

Something Borrowed  - Emily Giffin

This book was really good. Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since elementary school. Darcy is the pretty one, and Rachel is the smart one who always takes the backseat to whatever is going on in their lives.

When they were in 6th grade, Rachel had planned to be married by 30. That was the perfect age to start a that phase of life - marriage and children. At her actual 30th birthday party she was unmarried with no prospects. By the end of that night she was up 1 prospect - Darcy's fiance, Dex. 

Dex and Darcy were to marry in September. Dex and Rachel's affair lasted over the summer. As a group, they and their crew hung out in the Hamptons. Darcy tried setting Rachel up with Dex's friend, Marcus. There were no sparks but they got along well. At some point Rachel gave Dex an ultimatum on their "relationship", then headed off to to London to visit an old friend.

When she got back home, lots of things had changed.

Can't wait to read the sequel Something Blue.